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PregaNews understands how much it matters, in a women’s life, to be pregnant. Pregnancy can be a little difficult to detect in early days, but by keeping an eye on these symptoms, you can detect early pregnancy. If you tick all or most of the symptoms, be sure to use the easy-to-use Prega News Advance pregnancy test to get proper results.

  • Getting dizzy and/or faint: Often caused by either low blood sugar or blood pressure, a dizzy spell or fainting could be because you’re expecting. You can also check out the pregnancy test calculator available at our website.
  • Feeling extremely tired: Due to the increase in hormone levels, most women begin to feel extreme tiredness and exhaustion, as one of the first signs of pregnancy.
  • Breasts and/or nipples become very tender and sore: Many women feel that their breasts are fuller and tenderer with their nipples being more sensitive during early pregnancy. Once your pregnancy is confirmed, do not forget to work on a pregnancy diet suggested by your gynecologist.
  • Signs of bloating and/or cramping: This early sign of pregnancy tends to feel like your period is coming. It could be your period, but it could also be early pregnancy. Let’s say you can be sure by using the Prega News pregnancy test kit.
  • Signs of headaches: Headaches are usually thought to be an effect of changing hormones in your body during pregnancy, they occur most commonly in pregnant women.
  • Signs of backaches: For women who don’t usually have backaches, this could be an intimation that the ligaments in your back are loosening, preparing for the time when you have to hold extra weight in your pregnancy months. Pregnancy tips are really useful at this time.
  • Spotting: Faint vaginal bleeding could be from impregnation of a fertilized egg into the lining of the uterus. Many women feel that it’s the beginning of their period, but it is actually one of the first symptoms of pregnancy. You can also take a pregnancy test at home, you can check out how to take a pregnancy test at home.
  • Getting short of breath: The fetus that is slowly developing needs oxygen, which means that you’re most likely to feel a bit deprived. Unfortunately, there’s a good chance that you’ll continue to feel out of breath if you decide to bring the baby to term.
  • Mood swings: Your system is being introduced to new hormones when you’re pregnant. This means you’re likely to overreact on something frivolous or suddenly find yourself teary for no good reason. Nausea and/or vomiting: Normally, morning sickness won’t occur until about a month after conception, and some don’t have this pregnancy symptom at all.
  • Urinating more than normal: Increased urination occurs due to the increase in blood and other body fluids, which ends up being processed by the kidneys and ending up in the bladder. Getting more sensitive to odors than normal: This is another early pregnancy symptom which may be due to increased estrogen levels.
  • Feeling extremely lethargic: This is one of the most common signs of early pregnancy amongst women and it’s something that most women tend to ignore, the feeling of extreme laziness or lethargy.
  • Increased appetite: Another symptom is an excessive urge to eat. While you can give in to some of your pregnancy cravings, do ensure that you don’t go overboard, instead try to follow a balanced diet and avoid foods unsafe for you and your baby.
  • Excessive sleep: Many women also tend to sleep a lot and always feel lazy, which could be another sign of being pregnant.
  • Constipation: Constipation, bloating of the stomach or an inability to go to the washroom is also a very common pregnancy symptom.

 While these can all be symptoms of pregnancy, there is a chance that you might be mistaken. That is why to be certain learn how to do a pregnancy test at home. 

by Aaliya Bhatt
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The article is related to pregnancy. You should use the Prega News pregnancy test kit for the best results. If you have any doubts, you can check out Shilpa Shetty’s Ad on our website
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