KISSMT - Keep It Simple Stress Management TechniquesKISSMT - Keep It Simple Stress Management Techniques

You may have heard that stress management is tough – that stress is sort of impossible to manage.
Managing stress isn't a matter of flicking a switch and forgetting it, but neither is it impossible.

You need simply 2 keys:
1. One key is to weave stress management techniques into life just as you would weave in weight management techniques.

2. A second key is to keep it easy. Reject difficult plans that are themselves stressors.

Choose easy stress management techniques instead.
Making stress management techniques a daily practice can speedily build habits that will greatly cut back stress in your life.
Stress management techniques must be grounded in a basic understanding of stress.
Stress is your body’s response to any demands made on it.
    1. Detrimental stress is termed “distress”.
    2. Beneficial stress is termed “eustress”.

You have at your disposal several stress management techniques. Here are 3 easy ones to get you started.

1.Relaxation – simple stress management technique
Parents and teachers usually use a part of this stress management technique stress management , stress management techniqueon young kids. They call it “time out” and place kids in a corner or a secluded part of the room. They hope the youngsters can overcome the distress that occasioned the “time out” before they rejoin the group. The missing factor, though, is relaxation. Provide an amusing story or picture book.

This simple stress management technique combines brief time away from the stressor with relaxing activity or rest. Entertaining reading is particularly helpful, because it helps release the beneficial chemicals of eustress.

2.Exercise – simple stress management technique
Physical exercise is another easy stress management technique. You don’t have to move to a gym to use this method. Merely go for a walk. If you can’t leave your work that long, take time to stand up and stretch your muscles. Find a window and focus your eyes on distant objects. 5 minutes every hour of this stress management technique will make you more productive and efficient.

3.Deep breathing – simple stress management technique
Deep breathing usually provides immediate relief. Reducing your heart rate, this easy stress management technique replaces anxiety with a sense of peace. Couple it with soft, soothing music to increase its effectiveness.

by Kunal Sutar
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