Foods To Eat And Avoid In PCOD DietFoods To Eat And Avoid In PCOD Diet

Foods to eat in a PCOD diet plan

Here’s a list of 5 food groups that you must include in your PCOD diet –

Green leafy vegetables

Vegetables are loaded with fibre, helping fight insulin resistance. High-fibre foods such as broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, green and red peppers, beans and lentils and eggs must be included in your PCOD diet plan.  


The next set of healthy foods as part of PCOD diet include fruits. Although some fruits can cause sudden spike in blood sugar levels, fruits are packed with phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and fibre. All of these are vital for a PCOD patient. So, eat more of apples, berries, pumpkin, oranges and pear.

Good fats

As part of the diet for a PCOD patient, good fats are essential as they balance blood sugar level. Deficiency of good fats can cause hormonal imbalances. So, include foods with good fats such as salmon, avocados, nuts and seeds, olive and flaxseed oil in your PCOD diet chart. These foods are rich in Omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids.


Drink at least 2 litres of water daily. You can also add fresh cucumber, mint, berries or lemons to give it some tasty twist.

Lean meat

Meat is one of the richest sources of protein. But if you have PCOD, then opt for lean cuts of meat or organic meat such as fish.

Eat more of non-root vegetables

Your PCOD diet must include salads, steamed vegetables, stir-fried vegetables and roasted vegetables. Non-root vegetables are full of nutrients, so they should be consumed as regularly as possible. They also contain fibre and water, which keeps you full for a long time.

Foods to avoid in a PCOD diet plan

Here’s a list of 5 food groups that you must avoid or limit in your PCOD diet –

High glycemic index (GI) foods

Although tasty and good to eat, high GI foods can cause sudden spike in blood sugar levels. So, it’s best to avoid them completely. They are high in calories and starch, and lack essential nutrients, which makes them unhealthy. Some examples are white bread, biscuits, cakes, white rice, white pasta, flavoured yogurt, package soups and fruit juices.

Dairy products

Some studies have shown links between dairy intake and PCOD. Milk leads to increase in testosterone levels. It contains a protein that limits normal testosterone processing in the body. With testosterone not being managed, testosterone levels keep shooting up. As our testosterone levels are already prone to being high, dairy just makes the problem worse.

Soy products

People who avoid dairy products often switch to soy products as it is a healthy alternative. But this isn’t the case if you have PCOD. Some studies have shown that soy products delay ovulation, which can make things worse for a woman with PCOD. So, exclude it from your PCOD diet, especially if you’re pregnant.


Four or more cups of coffee in a day can affect fertility in women. Daily consumption of caffeine increases the levels of estradiol, a type of oestrogen hormone which affects ovulation and menstrual cycle.


Excessive alcohol consumption put additional pressure on the liver, which is the key organ that eliminates excess oestrogen from the body. This apart, alcohol gets easily converted into sugar, which can contribute to insulin resistance.

If you’re on your way to recover from PCOD or any of its symptoms, you may feel irritated at times. Take proactive steps towards regaining your health as this can improve your mood and reduce the symptoms. One of the best ways to do this is to create a PCOD diet plan and stick to it.
by Sam Daniel
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Sam is a content writer on Health Total and enjoys writing related to Women Issues and PCOD.
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