Lead In Your Water Pipes Is Harmful For Your HealthLead In Your Water Pipes Is Harmful For Your Health

Can you imagine your life without water or can you drink a glass of water if you know how poisonous that petty glass is? There have been several reports coming from safe drinking water almost every year.  The adult may a have little effect of lead however the same dose of lead would have a significant effect on the child. A recent report mentions that children are at the great risk of exposure whose rapidly growing bodies absorb lead more quickly and efficiently. Lead is a slow poison that can disenable the future generations in a silent manner. Pipes are a most common source of lead metal poisoning human lives through water supply in homes. In US, Europe and Asia most of the states have banned the use of lead-based stabilizers and additives in PVC pipes for water supply.

ISI- Indian standards certified by Bureaus of Standards (BIS) has also given strict instructions for lead used as an additive in PVC pipes. The 30% of manufacturers of PVC pipes are already following the instructions by making lead free PVC pipes but most of the manufacturers do not meet these standards. It has been advised to replace the lead pipes installed in homes with lead-free pipes to minimize the effect of physical or mental disability on the young generation especially.

Here is how you can reduce lead in water:

·         Use cold water for drinking and cooking.

·         Boiling water does not remove lead from it.

·         Regularly clean your faucet’s screen.

·         Use filtered water for drinking and cooking.

·         Check your water supply if a lead pipe is installed get it replaced immediately.

·         Flush the pipes when lead-free pipe is installed to remove the standing water

·         Watch your family’s diet

·         Keep your home clean

The excessive amount of lead has an immeasurable effect on the adult’s life which can risk them for cancer, high blood pressure, kidney damage, disruption of the nervous system and brain damage. Lead can impact learning abilities and IQ level in children. Health is at risk for the age group of children under 6 years as per the reports. Lead is just not harming children or adults, it is affecting premature birth as well which can lead to miscarriages and abortions.

Symptoms of lead poisoning:

·         Hearing loss

·         Reduced fertility due to sperm damage

·         Lower birth weight

·         Learning difficulties

·         Diminished learning abilities in children

·         Mood disorders

The best way to get rid of lead components in water is to have your water supply pipe replaced. Generally, there are 3 types of water supply: Copper, Galvanized and PVC, there is no guarantee that copper and galvanized pipes would not be having any lead components. You may have a “scratch test” on your water supply to check if it’s lead or not. Take a coin and scratch it over the pipe’s surface, if pipe shines after the scratch then it affirms that pipe has a lead component in it. You may reduce the effect of lead in various ways but it is recommended to kill the root of the problem, so get your lead pipes replaced to live happily and healthy.

Huliot pipes bring the lead-free pipes with 70 years of experience and unmatched quality. Huliot is renowned in the market for its uncompromising product quality. Huliot pipes are lightweight, easy in handling and installation – no welding required.

Huliot has earned the trust of its customers by delivering the best quality products.

Your health deserves the care, plant this promise today by installing Huliot pipes.

You are the saviour of your life.

by Divya Nair
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I am Doctor and give you awareness about various diseases which can be caused. And how can we take precaution on that
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