The Top Perks Of Cabling And Bracing Trees The Top Perks Of Cabling And Bracing Trees

Many homeowners don’t know the benefits of cabling and bracing trees but they should as it is a very important service provided by tree companies. Mature trees can often be a source of protection for people, property, and wildlife. Trees serve as a natural sunblock for those who want to spend time on the outdoors during the hot summer days, as a shield against rain and snow, and as a refuge for wild animals such as birds.

But a lot of times, it is the trees that need some man-made protection in order to preserve proper health, structural integrity, and extend their lifespan, as well as the safety and property of the homeowner living in the home. Tree weaknesses can be due:

  • Age of the tree
  • Type of wood
  • Growth patterns
  • Weight of branches
  • Inadequate tree care
  • Wind or storm damage
  • Disease infestation

As a result of one or more of the above situations, trees could start showing the following signs that means that there is a health risk or that they cannot support their own weight:

  • Visibly leaning towards one side
  • Cracked or broken branches
  • Splits in the truck
  • Audible creaking and cracking under the weight of ice

For any of these situations, a tree care expert can provide cabling and bracing.

Fundamentally, cables and braces provide extra structural support for trees by restricting the movement of their branches in high winds.

With powerful winds and rains in the area, many wonderful trees throughout the area fall victim to damage.

The Benefits of Tree Cabling and Bracing

1. Provides structural support

By providing added structural support to various parts of a tree, bracing and cabling makes the tree much less susceptible to damage by wind. For example, branches cannot move as freely as they used to, reducing the stresses and fractures that heavy winds cause, meaning they are less likely to break off.

This provides obvious safety perks in times of heavy storms, while also greatly reducing the risk of property damage as well as death to the tree. Many of the trees in the area are braced or cabled to protect them against heavy storms.

2. Reduces property damage and personal injuries

Weakened or damage trees without cabling and bracing support can cause expensive damage to the property and nearby vehicles, fences or power lines. The threat for damage or injury is even higher during storm season when strong winds and storms can further threaten tree stability.

In addition, trunk or limb failures can also cause a lot of problems such as personal injury or even death, exposing the property to a huge financial liability.

However, if the homeowner invest in cabling and bracing they can significantly reduce the likelihood of a tree’s structural failure, and prevent damages to the property and personal injury.

3. Promotes tree health

Trees are important assets to any residential and commercial property, and protecting mature trees with cabling and bracing can actually prolong their health and extend their lifespan. Cabling and bracing will protect the trees and give them more stability allowing trees to thrive for many years.

Homeowners interested in cabling and bracing trees should contact a professional tree company with years of experience in the industry.

by James Franco
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