Stem Cell Storage - A Crucial Part Of Proactive Family HealthStem Cell Storage - A Crucial Part Of Proactive Family Health

Arthur C. Clarke once said that, “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” and while the ability to regenerate and repair damaged or diseased tissue might seem like magic, it is now reality thanks to the power of stem cells. In fact, stem cells have already revolutionized medicine, they have the potential to extend life, and more importantly save lives.

Recently, even the American Academy of Pediatrics has encouraged parents to consider stem cell banking in USA as a proactive measure to protect their family’s future health.

What are stem cells?

According to the International Society of Stem Cell Research, stem cells are the foundational cells of your body, they play a key role in the healing process throughout your life and have the potential to treat life-threatening diseases including blood-related and oncological cancers. Put simply, stem cells have the ability to regenerate and produce specialized cells.

What are The Different Types of Stem Cells?

There are two types of stem cells; adult stem cells found in bone marrow and embryonic stem cells also known as pluripotent cells that are found in human embryos.

Why store stem cells from teeth?

Storing your child’s dental stem cells could give them access to a wide range of treatment opportunities in the future. It’s a simple non-invasive way to safe guard against the possibility of unexpected disease or illness. Plus, with the potential to treat a wide range of diseases including blood cancers, non-malignant blood disorders, immune disorders, and metabolic disorders you can think of stem cell banking as a form of biological insurance. In fact, stem cell transplantation has increased by 300% over the last decade globally, and today, over 80 diseases have been treated using stem cells.

For how long can stem cells in teeth be preserved?

Researchers believe that stem cells in teeth will remain useable indefinitely and if properly cryogenically preserved have no expiration date. The longest-stored unit of stem cell is several decades old, and those cells are in perfect condition. Scientists have discovered that the pulp found in deciduous (baby teeth) and wisdom teeth is a source of highly efficient stem cells that can be used in the future to treat major ailments in both children and adults.

How much does stem cell storage cost?

Private stem cell storage banks store stem cells for a fee in case a family might need them in the future. The stem cell storage cost depends on the bank, current promotions and what type of tissue you are storing. The initial processing fees can run from roughly $500 to $2000, with annual storage fees of $100 to $300 each year thereafter. However, the price may vary from one bank to another.

Research is moving at a fast clip, and advancements could make banking a better bet down the line. More than 30,000 cord blood transplants have been performed to date globally. Given the dramatically expanding medical benefits, it seems this number will increase significantly in the coming years. So, there is a good reason for the parents to store their child’s stem cells.

by Art Greco
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The author works for leading stem cell banking company in the USA. The bank offers a validated dental stem cell storage service with ultra-modern processing and storage facilities. Visit for further details.
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