What Happens If You Wait Too Long To Extract Your Wisdom TeethWhat Happens If You Wait Too Long To Extract Your Wisdom Teeth

If your dentist recommends wisdom teeth removal, and if you are avoiding, it could lead to several dental complications that worsen the longer you wait. Yes, wisdom teeth can cause a lot of dental problems if it is not removed. Of course, you can have them if they are healthy and developed in the right position without damaging other nearby teeth. However, this is doesn’t happens for all. In most of the cases, a wisdom tooth becomes impacted, and removal becomes necessary.  

Wisdom teeth removal may not be high on your to-do-list if they are not bothering you. But, when they cause trouble, you have to get them out as early as possible.

Wisdom Teeth Can Wreak Havoc on Your Mouth

What are wisdom teeth? Well, you may not even have the molars known as wisdom teeth. As they are not necessary, not everyone develops them. But, if you do, these four teeth are the final set of molars to come in your late teens or early twenties. In most of the cases, a wisdom tooth becomes impacted. A wisdom tooth gets trapped under a gum when there is not enough space on the jaw-line to accommodate these teeth. This might happen when they grow in at an able or flat on their sides, but they get trapped within the jawbone instead of fully erupting. The type of impaction greatly affects the Wisdom teeth cost. This condition is called impaction.

An impacted wisdom tooth can lead to several complications like pain, fluid-filled cysts, and damage to the nearby teeth and bones. To avoid these painful complications, your dentist recommends extraction and wisdom teeth removal cost depends on several factors.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth removal is one of the most common procedures carried out in Australia. Whether you are having pain or not, your dentist will take an x-ray to find out what is going on with your wisdom teeth. The dentist analyses how they are positioned and how much space they have to grow. If your dentist foresees any problems with your wisdom teeth, your dentist will suggest removing them ASAP.

Thanks to Sedation

Luckily, wisdom teeth removal is not a painful experience. As the procedure itself done under anaesthesia you may not experience any pain during the procedure. You’ll experience a little discomfort and pain after the removal, but it could be managed with painkillers and antibiotics. The anaesthesia will affect the overall Wisdom Teeth Price.

After the wisdom teeth removal, you’ll be recovered in a couple of weeks. So, there is nothing to worry about. It is like other dental procedures. Don’t delay and get them out soon.

by Charlie Wellish
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The author is a dentist and a blogger who writes about various dental procedures and their cost. If you are looking for a Wisdom Teeth Price, visit https://www.dentistscost.com.au/ now.
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