Now You Can Download Your Own Personalized Music Collection Over The InternetNow You Can Download Your Own Personalized Music Collection Over The Internet

First came the computer which allowed people, mostly computer geeks, to assimilate large amounts of information and crunch numbers in a fraction of the time that it used to in the past. Then came the internet which allowed people to communicate almost any topic instantaneously. Finally, the digital age arrived with computers, cell phones and PDA's (personal data assistants). Along with all the digital wonders emerged the MP3, a digital recording device used primarily for recording music.

Once the MP3's had established their popularity, the musical download services came into being. Some of these offered free downloads which touched off numerous legal battles pitting the music industry and recording artists on the one hand against the music download services and music recording public on the other. As you would expect the fight was over money. The music industry and artists were claiming they were losing money in the form of residuals. After much wrangling, a settlement was reached between the two sides. Now all one has to do is pay a small fee and you can download to your heart's content.

The offerings for downloading are as numerous and varied as there are individuals. All forms of music are available such as Classical, Country and Western, Jazz, R&B, and Rock. One only has to download their favorite song or music and then they can take it with them on their portable MP3 digital music player. Being digital, the MP3 player has the advantage of being smaller, lighter in weight and is able to record more musical tracks on the storage medium. In essence, the listener becomes his or her own DJ. You can not only pick the artist you like but also your favorite songs by that artist as well. Or you can customize your music to your own tastes and mix and match similar types of music from various artists. The possibilities are endless.

Predictably, with the success of the digital MP3 players has come a whole new diverse set of downloadable products and support gear. Now with the new hardware and software one is able to not only download to their computer but also ?burn? their music onto CD's. Now you have the capability of making your own permanent music collection for your CD player. Being connected to the internet gives anyone instant access to millions of titles and artists from around the world.

This revolution in entertainment isn't limited to music. There are now downloads to your computer of things such as free public domain sheet music, movies, cartoons, TV shows, documentaries, and even movie trailers of coming attractions. Many of these downloadable audio-visual programs will be able to be enjoyed by your own cell phone in the near future. Some companies are trying to create the ultimate in portable communication/entertainment devices. The cell of the future will be a phone capable of seeing the person you are speaking with, MP3, PDA, and theater. The future is now.

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by Albert St Raymond
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Albert was born in New Orleans, La. At the age of 22 he attended LSU where he attained his doctor's degree. He then joined the U.S. Navy as a staff officer and was able to see much of the world. It was during his stint with the navy that he discovered his passion for travel. Upon retirement, he decided to settle down in the Orient and enjoy life and all the wonders that the Orient had to offer. He remains there still and indulges himself in his primary hobby: travel.

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