The Executive Coaching ContractThe Executive Coaching Contract

Having found a coach you feel comfortable and excited about working with, the next step is to discuss and sign the coaching contract or agreement. This is vital to ensure that both coach and client are clear from the outset about what is expected.

The coaching contract will set out the duration of the coaching, and the frequency and length of the sessions within that period. It will make clear the etiquette of the coaching relationship ? for example, what each party should do if they need to reschedule appointments. The contract will suggest what needs to be done between sessions in order for agreed goals to be achieved, and the availability of the coach between sessions.

There will be guidelines regarding what is required from the coaching relationship in order for optimum results to be achieved. The coach needs honest feedback from the client about how well the coaching is working ? different people may need different approaches. Equally, the client must be able to take on board frank feedback from the coach if they are to move forward past existing blocks.

The contract will emphasise that everything discussed during coaching is confidential and will not be revealed by the coach or used for the coach's own personal gain.

The payment structure will be clearly set out, including the frequency of payments, which are normally requested in advance.

The beauty of the coaching contract is that having discussed and agreed the practicalities before coaching starts, both parties are free during the sessions to concentrate purely on the client's goals and ways to achieve them.

by Andy Britnell
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Andy Britnell is an executive coach who works with businesspeople in both the private and public sectors who wish to achieve better results. More information can be seen at and

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