Dog Leashes  Keeping Your Playful Dog Under ControlDog Leashes Keeping Your Playful Dog Under Control

If you are a dog owner who has a playful and a healthy dog at home you must seriously consider buying a dog leash. A dog leash is needed when you take your dog out for a walk. A dog leash is also necessary at home if your dog is aggressive towards guest or strangers. Even if the dog is trained, a dog leash is necessary and is an indispensable tool for your dog. So it is conclusive that you buy a proper dog leash for your dog.

Dog leashes are available at all pet stores. They normally come in black or brown colors and are made of comfortable material so that your dog does not feel irritated around the neck when you make him wear the leash. If your dog is trained it is not necessary to leash it all the time when you take it outside. You can make him wear the leash while crossing roads or when you are in public places. Once you take him to a park you can unleash the dog so that it can play by itself. Your dog will remain disciplined when you make leashing a regular habit.

Further it is better to restrain your dog when it is new and see its behavior over a number of days. This is because if your dog runs away anytime or harms people then you might get into trouble. It becomes prudent then to invest in a good quality leash. It is better to attach dog identification tags to the leash and to buy a leash that can be hooked easily using a simple hook device. Many people refrain from using the leash simply because it becomes very uncomfortable for the dog. A dog is taken for a walk to enjoy the surroundings then why tie it with a leash?

However newer leashes are manufactured using advanced technology and they are not at all uncomfortable for the dog. Apart from that the chest leash is now available in the market which gives the owner greater control over the dog. Using retraceable leashes has now become common amongst dog owners as they can control the length of the leash. But it is advisable to be always cautious while taking your dog on a walk as it can become excited all of a sudden and begin to run. In that case you should pull the leash tighter.

by Dominique Gillard
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