Tips On Moving PetsTips On Moving Pets

A pet like a child is a great responsibility and the animal or bird is dependant on you to care for it and protect it. And if a move is stressful for children the pressure is ten ?fold for a pet that cannot quite comprehend what is happening. Often a house filled with strangers, boxes, and din is not just frightening for a pet it can be quite intimidating.

Before you move you must:

? Take the pet to the vet and check whether his health will stand the move. Ask the vet about preventive health care and whether the pet will require any vaccinations.

? Make a file containing the pet's health records and registration details.

? Pack all personal possessions belonging to the pet in an easily identifiable box.

? Set aside things the pet will need while traveling and when you reach your destination.

? Find out what the law regarding pets is in your new town or area. Ask about whether dogs or pets are allowed in your new home or apartment block and whether you need to apply for new registrations or permits.

? Do a bit of research and locate a new vet in your new home. Choose one recommended by your old vet but make sure he suits your needs.

? If you are moving fairly close then consider driving down with your pet and kids. Otherwise you will need to take care of details like flying with pets and the rules that apply.

? While the movers are in the home packing or unpacking either keep the pet close to you or in a separate room in a crate with a few toys and plenty of water. Of course if you crate the pet you will need to remember to release him and take him for a walk ever so often.

? If the move requires an overnight stop then choose a hotel that welcomes pets. This makes the move much easier on the pet as dealing with wary strangers can add to the stress.

? Always carry an old sheet, a few toys, medicines, medical files, water for drinking, a little food, a sponge, plenty of plastic bags, paper towels, and a crate, cage, or leash. If it is fish you are transporting then you will need special containers sold by aquariums.

? Get the pet a new Id tag and microchip in case he gets lost.

? If you are nervous about transporting your pet there are professionals who will undertake to do the job for you.

? In case you are moving to a new country and the climate is not suitable for your pet then consider finding the pet a new home. It is kinder than killing the pet.

While transporting pets remember that you cannot ship them in moving vans. And, except for 'seeing eye? dogs pets are not allowed on buses and trains. So, you will either have to take your pet by plane or by car. If your pet appears agitated ask the vet to prescribe a sedative. Check carefully about interstate health certificates and vaccination requirements. Be a vigilant pet-parent and find out all the pros and cons of moving a pet well before the actual moving date.

by Paul W Wilson
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