Internet Marketing Online How To Make Your Customers To Keep Coming Back To Buy From YouInternet Marketing Online How To Make Your Customers To Keep Coming Back To Buy From You

There are a few internet marketing online secrets that when implemented, will force your customers to keep coming back to buy from you.

Some of the factors that are involved in getting repeat business are: pricing, quality of products and services, excellent customer service etc.

One of the best ways is to reward your customers for their repeat purchases.

Here are three internet marketing online, effective customer reward programs you can implement:

(1) Number Of Purchases

This program is based on the number of purchases made by any customer. You could give away a free product or service to any customer that makes ten or more purchases. To make the program more effective you could require a set time period that all ten purchases must be made by.

(2) Dollar Amount

You can require a certain dollar amount be spent before the customer receives a reward. Tell customers if they spend over $50 in one month at your web site they get a 50% discount on their next purchase. You could also just reward one customer who spends the most every month with a bigger reward like a vacation.

(3) Points System

Reward customers a point for every one-dollar they spend. Lets say customers can get a free computer for 300 points. That means customers will spend $300 dollars on your products and services to get enough points to get the free computer. To push slower selling products or services just offer more points per dollar spent for those particular items.

The kind of rewards you give should depend on what your business can afford. Cheaper rewards could be gift certificates, coupons, clothes, or movie passes. Expensive rewards could be jewelry, vacations, bed and breakfast gift certificates, electronics or computer equipment.

You may want to invest in a good database program to keep track of your rewards program. I also recommend contacting a legal professional for advice, set-up and the structure of your rewards program. I hope these ideas I've given you help make your business more successful.

May these internet marketing online secrets help you to make a lot of money.

May these internet marketing online secrets help you to make a lot of money.


I-key Benney, CEO

by Ikey Benney
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