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Mud Packs By: Grata Young
The nature cure practitioners at present are making increasing use of moistened earth in the treatment of diseases. The use of mud packs has been found highly beneficial and effective in the treatment of chronic inflammation caused by internal diseases, bruises, sprains, boils, and wounds. This mode of treatment is ...
Maintaining Your Body With Work By: Bryan Brodeur
We are born by way of a trauma. We undergo, daily: traumas, strains, abnormal postural positioning, and a whole host of events that bend and twist our physique into the wrong form. The events we endure deposit stress into our muscle system.Stress of a physical, chemical, or emotional origin come ...
Massage Los Angeles By: Caroline Colby
Massage therapy has been used in many cultures for thousands of years. Massage is the systemized manipulation of soft tissues to relieve pain, instill a feeling of well being and normalize tissue position. Los Angeles, always a hotbed of exciting ideas, has been an area with a thriving massage ...
Shamanic Healing In The 21st Century By: Silvia Hartmann
Shamanic healing describes in essence a group of processes that has been practised throughout the millennia, and throughout every civilisation in the world, which entails for a shaman to travel in non-ordinary realms (quantum realms, other worlds, dreamtime etc) and there, to make changes, learn about the nature of the ...
Benefits of Massage Recliners vs a Massage Therapist By: Wayne McDonald
After a long hard day at the office wouldn't it be nice to get a massage. Unfortunately you have to first find a certified or licensed massage therapist. If you're lucky and happen to know someone or have a regular therapist you work with, you still have to schedule an ...
Laughter is the Best Medicine By: Graeme Teague
?Laughter is the best Medicine?, it is a common saying we have heard for countless years. But is it true?Medical research has shown the body responds well to humor, it helps us deal with illnesses, the pressures of day to day life; we cope better at work and will change ...
Prevent Disease By Thinking Differently Than Experts By: William R Quesnell
Did you know that all physicians and medical researchers have been indoctrinated with a flawed model of thinking dating to the 17th century?These "experts" cling to a Cartesian model of thinking.Cartesian refers to the philosopher Descartes who declared, "I do not recognize any difference between the machines made by craftsmen ...
Healing Power of Pranayama By: Grata Young
Prana means 'vital force' and Ayama means 'control' in Sanskrit. Thus Pranayama means the control of the vital force through concentration and regulated breathing. By means of controlled breathing that is, inhaling and exhaling by holding the breath for a fixed time and changing the rhythm of inspiration and expiration, ...
Aura and House Clearings Rid Your Space of Unwanted Energies By: Sherry Sims
Aura and space clearing can be accomplished in a number of ways. One easy and simple way is by using special herbs to clear the area. Herbs and incense have been used in this way for thousands of years. And for good reason. It works!One of the best, all around ...
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